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It all started on a chance 4WD excursion during a mtn bike trip to Moab in the 80’s. Glenn had been up in the mountains on picnics, touring, and dates before, but no real serious stuff. The first trip on 4+ rated Hell’s Revenge in a near-to-stock vehicle changed all that.

Finding parts for his Suzuki at that time was tough, but within a couple months it had lift, it had tires, gears, & more. He was addicted and had it bad. Years, dollars, and bloody knuckles later, rockcrawling is a passion. Glenn enjoys pretty much everything to do with the sport. His first rig was the TONKA, (link to original feature article) the red Samurai pictured on the right. Originally the license said ZUZILLA, but a TONKA plate seemed to fit the ‘toy nature’ of this vehicle a bit better.

It was a beauty & served him well over many years and more than 280,000 miles. Back in those days Glenn caught alot of grief for this particular rig, but these little things can go anywhere as people have since found out. Samurais have now come of age and can wheel as well as any other vehicle on the planet.

We now manufacture products for over 100 vehicles and we can trace that all back to the humble Samurai.

Our Philosphies

A recreational experience in a 4×4 is no less valuable than one backpacking, equestrian riding, or mountain biking. Holier-than-though attitudes about trail access and who has the right to share “your” trail are plain wrong. We all deserve the right to recreate as we wish so long as we do so responsibly. Every single recreational group in the ‘outback’ will continue to lose access to trails and roads to closures until the day all recreators can put aside their biases and work together to defeat environmental extremists who work toward the cause of ‘trail closures’ every day of their lives.

In business…. treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. With the power of the internet as it is, and our world growing smaller every day. Sometimes mistakes do happen… and not every person is reasonable in their expectations or demands, but one should always do their best in business to ‘do right’ in the end within reason.

Everything happens for a reason. Do not view an unfortunate incident solely on its own merit. Look beyond it and you’ll may find there was a good reason for whatever happened.

“Young” is a temporary state of being. “Youth” is a state of mind you can carry with you throughout life.
We are first and foremost, recreational fanatics. After years of investing hard earned dollars into supposedly off-road capable 4wd parts and mods, and having them readily fail, we finally said ENOUGH!

Rocky Road is a company born of the philosophy that 4WD parts should be built tough enough to withstand SUBSTANTIAL trail abuse. Forget showy ‘cruising’ gear…. there’s enough of that out there. We decided it was time to build stuff for the trail, by the trail, and of the trail.

In our products, we incorporate ‘interesting ideas’ we have always wanted to see in products, and use only heavy grade steels in building our parts. And most importantly…. a radical concept…. HAVE IT BE AFFORDABLE as you’ll notice not only with our equipment, but also with our pricing on most items!

When you call us to place an order, you’ll find folks who really own, build, and drive their own 4x4s and who can either answer questions immediately, or transfer you to someone who can. Email us and you will get the owner of the company and chief engineer. How often will that happen at other manufacturers???

We drive the vehicles we manufacture parts for and our experience really shows. While this means we may never be able to build parts for every vehicle on the dirt, it does mean we’re working from personal experience. We’re in this business for the passion!

Rocky Road is currently employing 22 full time staff members.  We take pride in manufacturing all of our parts onsite. We do not outsource to inexpensive labor across borders or oceans as many of our competitors do. All Rocky Road manufactured parts are “100% Made in USA”.

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